Anyone can be an ambassador For Dreams for the Decade!

You can download everything you need to promote Dreams for the Decade in your community from this page.

We’re huge advocates of our beautiful outdoors here in New Zealand so we ask that you print responsibly and only as many as you need. Alternatively, you can download and send any of these items digitally!

Poster A2 and A3 size

Our Dreams for the Decade posters are perfect for school and community noticeboards. We’ve made them bright and colourful to make sure everyone can see them far and wide!

Flyer A5 size

If you have friends and family that you’d like to get involved in Dreams for the Decade, these flyers are perfect to give them a quick intro into what we’re all about. You can ask them to pass it on to anyone else after and we welcome you to send these digitally as an alternative.

Digital Banners

If you’re serious about saving paper or you’re just trying to spread the word even further, we’ve created digital banners! These can be uploaded to your school intranet or online community groups. You’ll find a number of different sizes here and we welcome you to email us if you require a more specific size.

Are you a whizz on the ‘gram?

We’ve designed some Instagram posts which you can either use as inspiration for your own posts or simply upload your choice of design (or all of them!) and you’re good to go! Encourage your friends and family to like, share and get involved.

Do you need anything more?

If you need more specific sizes or you think something is missing from our ambassador toolkit, please email us at